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About ASPOD®

Research shows that it takes 14 minutes for a chewed soluble tablet to produce maximal platelet inhibition, and a swallowed tablet 26 minutes. Demonstrating that, when chewed, soluble aspirin is the most effective way of accelerating absorption of aspirin into the blood and shortening the time required for an anti-platelet effect, the anti-platelet effect stops an existing clot from worsening. However, there are several issues connected with carrying soluble aspirin in pockets, bags or wallets:
  • During a suspected heart attack the patient may be unable to locate the aspirin.
  • If located, the patient may be unable to open the aspirin foil.
  • If the patient was unable to administer the aspirin themselves, it would not be apparent to a ‘first aider’, that aspirin was being carried and should be taken as a matter of urgency.
  • Aspirin is extremely susceptible to dampness; this will cause it to lose its stability, become less effective, and may smell of vinegar.
  • Aspirin, is particularly prone to break into smaller particles (friability), and is likely to be powdered when needed and therefore difficult to take.
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