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Bio-E Vitamin : 150 Capsules
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Pharma Nord Bio-E-Vitamin is a fat-soluble vitamin, which we obtain from vegetable oil, margarine and grain products. There are a number of vitamin E products in the market place, but Bio-E-Vitamin contains d-alpha-tocopherol, nature's own type of vitamin E, and the most powerful active variety. One Bio-E-Vitamin capsule contains 350mg (corresponding to 525 i.u.) of d-alpha-tocopherol.

Pharma Nord Bio-E-Vitamin is a powerful antioxidant that secures the stability of the cell membrane by protecting the polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs). Vitamin E simply forms a protective shield around the cell and protects it against free radical attacks. Free radicals are harmful waste products from the metabolic processes that take place in our body. Environmental pollution, tobacco and ultraviolet light also forms free radicals, so it is important to get enough antioxidants like vitamin E to safeguard our body's cells. Vitamin E also serves as an antioxidant that protects food against oxidation from free radicals. In vegetable oil the high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids is accompanied by an equally high vitamin E content. The food industry uses vitamin E as an additive in food products that contain large amounts of fat or oil.

The vitamin has several other functions. It prohibits the conversion of nitrate into nitrosamines, a group of organic compounds that have been found to be extremely carcinogenic. Furthermore, Pharma Nord Bio-E-Vitamin regulates the functioning of co-enzyme Q10, (Bio-Quinone Q10), with other enzymes and proteins of importance to the generation and development of human tissue.

In premature babies with low birth weight, vitamin E deficiency may be the cause of several medical complications.

The current Recommended daily Amount (RDA) is 10mg of vitamin E per day or 15 IU (International Units). The RDA only recommends amount needed in order to prevent deficiency, not optimal intake levels. The guideline for Vitamin E is 900 IU per day.

Each Bio-E-Vitamin capsule contains 350mg/525 IU of d-alpha tocopherol.

There are many vitamin E preparations available on the market , however, Pharma Nord Bio-E-Vitamin is specially designed to withstand stomach acidity so as to ensure optimum absorption from the small intestine. Many other preparations can loose their effectiveness when passing through the stomach.