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  • Bio-Health Hawthorn Berry 450mg (120) Purefill herb in vegetarian capsules
Bio-Health Hawthorn Berry 450mg (120) Purefill herb in vegetarian capsules
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Hawthorn is a small tree native to Great Britain. There are two major species, yielding leaves, flowers and fruit as berries. It is the fruit that has been dried and encapsulated for the Bio-Health product. As a result of its mild and positive action the herb is well respected.


HABITAT AND CULTIVATION Hawthorn grows in hedgerows, copses and fields throughout the British Isles and all temperate regions of the northern hemisphere. It is generally cultivated from hardwood cuttings. The seed takes 18 months to germinate. The flowers and leaves are harvested in late spring, the berries in late summer. CONSTITUENTS Bioflavonoids including – rutin, quercitin; triterpenoids, cyanogenic glycosides; amines – trimethylamine (in flowers); polyphenols, coumarins; tannins (condensed). CAUTIONS No known side effects.


NB: Potentiates the action of cardiac glycosides, therefore to be used with caution in patients taking digitaloids (from Foxglove) PARTS USED: Flowering tops; leaves –highest bioflavonoid contents; berries. Pure-fil. Additive free. Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans. Pure-fil means: No colours or flavours No binders, fillers, glidants or coatings No emulsifiers, plasticisers, disintegrants, slow release agents or lubricants No synthetic ingredients Pure-fil products contain 100% active ingredients Nothing genetically modified Pure-fil products are suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans They are perfect choice for those suffering with allergies, food intolerances, need special dietary requirements or just don’t like to have unnecessary additive when they can have purity