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Bio-MSM+Silica 750mg : 120 Tablets
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As we age, our connective tissue loses some of its strength and elasticity, causing our skin to sag and wrinkle, our nails to become brittle and our joints to deteriorate. One way of maintaining healthy connective tissue is by getting adequate amounts of nutrients which are important for the synthesis of healthy connective tissue - MSM ( Methyl Sulphonyl Methane ) and Silica are both substances which are important for the formation and maintenance of structural components in the body. Both can be obtained from food and can be found circulating in the body. By maintaining constantly high levels of these two nutrients, the body can remain young, strong and flexible considerably longer - and thereby stay youthful.
Pharma Nord Bio-MSM is a perfect combination nutritional supplement containing MSM (methyl sulphonyl methane) and silica.

Each tablet of Pharma-Nord Bio-MSM plus Silica contains 750mg of MSM and 50mg of Horse Tail powder extract (equivalent to 1.5mg silicon as silicon dioxide). Bio-MSM plus Silica is manufactured under Danish pharmaceutical control.

Bio- MSM+Silica contains natural silicon and organic sulphur (MSM), which is often referred to as the "beauty mineral". The preparation provides the body with two nutrients that are of vital importance to the strength and resilience of connective tissue like skin and bones.

MSM+Silica become integrated into protein structures in the body and support structural growth and aid cellular flexibility and permeability.

Sulphur is essential for the formation of Glucosamine. It is also required for healthy muscles, skin, bones and nails.

Silica levels deplete as we age and therefore the older we get the more benefit we will get from Silica supplementation. Together MSM and Silica can help maintain flexible joints, supple skin, strong nails and hair. Both silica and sulphur may also help maintain joint mobility.MSM is a naturally occurring organic sulphur containing substance, which is found in grain products, legumes, eggs and red meat. Vegetal silica, an extract of the herb horsetail grass, is a natural source of the essential trace mineral silicon. Sulphur and silicon are required by the body for the normal growth and development. The level of silica in the body declines with aging

As with all Pharma Nord products, this product has been specifically formulated to ensure the best bioavailability of the active ingredients. Pharma Nord Bio-MSM+Silica is manufactured to pharmaceutical standards. There are no known drug interactions or contra-indications for Bio-MSM+Silica.