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Cherry Active Liquid 946ml
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Cherry Active Montmorency Cherry Juice Concentrate


You will be interested to know that scientific research has shown that antioxidant compounds in tart cherries act as a natural anti-inflammatory and can help health joints and muscles. These compounds have also been found to lower urate levels in the body (raised urates/uric acid is the cause of Gout). A particular variety of bright red tart cherry, Montmorency, grown mainly in the US, has been found to have the highest concentration of these health-giving compounds.


How many cherries make up a bottle of CherryActive cherry juice concentrate?

Each 946ml bottle of CherryActive?s cherry juice concentrate contains the juice of around 3,000 individual Montmorency tart cherries! When you consider that the average cherry tree yields around 7,000 cherries at harvest, you will see why drinking CherryActive?s cherry juice concentrate is an economical way to consume this health-giving fruit.

Each 946ml bottle of CherryActive Concentate makes 31 glasses of diluted cherry juice (1 bottle = 1 month's supply).


How long does each Cerry Active bottle last?

Each bottle contains 946ml of concentrate. At a daily serving of 30ml, the bottle will last around 32 days (ie each bottle contains about one month?s supply, at the recommended daily serving).