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Deep Freeze Cold Patch : 4 Patches
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Deep Freeze Cold Patch is not a bulky ice pack. So it?s a doddle to use. Apply a patch after an injury and let it stay in place working for hours. Deep Freeze Cold Patches don?t have to be refrigerated. Just keep them in your bag ? you know you?ll need them sooner or later.

リリ 1. Always keep Deep Freeze Cold Patches in your kit bag.
リリ 2. Use as part of the Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation injury treatment to reduce pain and aid recovery. It is ideal for joints where application of conventional ice is difficult.
リリ 3. Use Deep Freeze Cold Patch as soon as possible after injury. Can be used after application of ice.
リリ 4. Remove a Deep Freeze Cold Patch from the re-sealable pouch and peel away the protective film. It is this action which activates the cooling action.
リリ 5. Stick the patch directly on dry skin at the site of discomfort.
リリ 6. Use Deep Freeze Cold Patch for 24 to 48 hours after injury. Each patch lasts several hours, and can be replaced by another patch if necessary.
リリ 7. Because Deep Freeze Cold Patch does not require refrigeration and is not bulky, it is convenient and easy to use and extends the action of cryotherapy while you can get on with your normal life.
リリ 8. See a doctor if your symptoms do not improve.

リリリ * Resealable pouches contain 4 patches
リリリ * Patches should be kept in the pouch until use to prevent drying out
リリリ * Patches should be used within one month of opening
リリリ * If needed, other pain killers and anti-inflammatory treatments may be used, however DO NOT APPLY A DEEP FREEZE COLD PATCH ON TOP OF ANY SKIN PRODUCTS.