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Dermashield 50ml
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It is not a traditional barrier cream: It is an industrial skin protectant that is dispensed as a mousse.

You will find it light and easy to use.

When you first apply Derma Shield the moisturisers and nutrients quickly sink into your skin. Then, very quickly, and this is where Derma Shield is exceptionally clever and unique, it forms a shield around the skin that you have protected. This shield allows your skin to breathe and perspire.

At the same time it will lock the moisturisers and the correct amount of moisture into your skin and also keep out any external irritants that might normally exacerbate sensitive skin 'flare up'. This will ensure that your skin stays supple and therefore prevent splits and cracks from reappearing.

The Vitamin-E and Aloe-Vera contained within Derma Shield are locked within this protective shield.

These two nutrients work together to break the itch scratch itch cycle that many sufferers of problem skin find irritating.

Derma Shield is gentle enough that it can be used on a baby's bottom yet it is also tough enough to protect a pair of hard-working hands. Derma Shield is not designed to be used on mucus membranes nor within body cavities.

Derma Shield is completely non-toxic and does not contain any steroids therefore it can be applied as frequently as you like.

Because Derma Shield is designed only to come off the skin as it sheds naturally, one application will last for four to five hours despite repeated washing.

This leaves you to go about your day confident that your particular skin complaint is being moisturised, nurtured and protected

Derma Shield provides a microscopic barrier against continued aggravation of abused, sensitive skin and helps to stop skin irritation even after repeated washing.

This gives the skin a chance to heal from any existing conditions, whilst pharmaceutical grade moisturisers nurture the skin to keep it in prime condition.