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Digestion & Probiotics
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The world of medicine and health foods is changing. More and more, Science is allowing us to realise how important the gut, and the bacteria that reside within, are to human health. The gut and its flora can be considered as one organ, processing and carrying out physiological functions on a level similar to the Liver. The gut and its flora weigh around as much as our liver. Why then do we not respect it as much, and not respond to its symptoms as we would if our Liver was effected by disease? Using probiotic food supplements we can now maintain the optimum health of our mouth, stomach, and bowels.

Remember if you have any symptoms in the gut you should consult either a pharmacist, doctor or nurse before trying to self treat. You can also use NHS direct on 0845 46 47 they are very helpful and will advise you or sign post you to the right medical proffessional.

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Lamberts Acidophilus Extra 4 60 Capsules
The Gastrointestinal tract of the normal, healthy individual plays host to a large and varied population of micro-organisms.
Retail Price £14.25
Curcumin X 4000 180 Capsules
Food dietary supplement.
Retail Price £34.95