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Eliminex Powder : 500g
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Eliminex® consists of a special kind of pure soluble fibre called fructo-oligosaccharide (FOS) which helps carry moisture through the digestive system.This helps to keep waste soft and bulky, thereby encouraging waste matter to move through the system faster and helping to ensure more regular movements. FOS also encourages the growth of beneficial or 'friendly' bacteria in the large bowel (colon). Indeed a recent study has shown that just 8g of FOS daily for 2 weeks leads to a 10-fold increase in beneficial bacteria in the gut. This is termed a prebiotic effect and it can offer health benefits to people who have unbalanced diets or disrupted bowel patterns. As the beneficial bacteria are encouraged, the harmful pathogenic bacteria and yeasts are suppressed, so fewer toxins are produced. The active ingredients of Eliminex® are derived from chicory root and unlike many other bowel health products on the market, it is suitable for long-term use.