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Bubbl&Co Clarity Focus Formula 10's

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Pair L-theanine with a natural source of caffeine, green tea extract and you have a clear focus without the crash. Plus tyrosine to give your body everything it needs to create adequate dopamine, then piper nigrum and grapefruit extract to boost absorption and bingo, beaming focus!


Dissolve your tablet in 350ml of room temperature water. If cold is your thing, allow the tablet to fully dissolve and then add ice. Let it brew.


Citric acid; dextrose; sodium bicarbonate; natural blueberry flavour; L-theanine; green tea extract (camellia sinensis); L-tyrosine; taurine; beetroot red; vitamin B6; malic acid, stevia leaf; piperine (from an extract of black pepper Piper nigrum); grapefruit extract (citrus paradisi); rice extract

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Sweeteners and Additives

Stevia Leaf

Citric acid, sodium bicarbonate, rice extract