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Night Support 30's

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Balanced Night Support provides high strength natural 5-HTP combined with magnesium and vitamin B6 for optimum absorption. Balanced Night Support also includes several other superfood ingredients for a better rested nights sleep. And its Vegan, free from excipients, allergens, GMO and sugar.


Adults take 1 capsule after your last main meal of the day or as directed by a healthcare professional.


Capsule Shell (Vegetable Cellulose (HPMC)), 5 HTP Extract (Griffonia simplicifolia), Magnesium Bisglycerate, Chamomile Flower, Reishi Mushroom Extract (Ganoderma lucidium) , Ashwagandha Root Extract (Withania somnifera), Hop Extract (Humulus lupulus) , Schisandra Berry Extract (Schisandra chinensis), Maca, Inositol (Myo-inositol), Selenium, Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine HCL)