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Synbiotic15 30's

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A Swedish food supplement for the gut based on 15 years of research. A package of Synbiotic contains 30 daily doses in powdered form. 15 billion lactic acid bacteria, 4 unique bacterial strains, 4 grams of gluten-free dietary fibres. 100% natural - no additives.


Stir one sachet/dose into water or other room temperature/cold liquid.
One dose per day (if needed you can take up to three doses per day, but spread them out through the course of the day).


Inulin, resistant starch, pectin, beta-glucan from oats, Pediococcus pentosaceus 16:1 (LMG P-20608), Lactobacillus casei ssp paracasei (LMG P-17806), Lactobacillus plantarum 2592 (LMG P-20606), Leuconostoc mesenteroides (LMG P-20607)

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