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Sweet Cures Waterfall D-Mannose Pet 50g

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Suitable for most animals; reduce the dosage size in line with the weight of the animal. It is simple to use. Just mix with your pet's water or sprinkle on food. D-Mannose Pet is the same grade as Sweet Cures Waterfall D-Mannose.


Add one dose of the Waterfall D-Mannose Pet to a treat or sprinkled over food every three hours. D-Mannose has a slightly sweet taste, and when mixed with a treat or pet food has a neutral taste and wouldn’t be noticed by most cats and dogs.

Weight of Cat / Dog = 4kg-12kg: Dose = 0.5g
Weight of Cat / Dog = 12kg-20kg: Dose = 1.5g
Weight of Cat / Dog = 20kg-40kg: Dose = 2g


100% D-Mannose naturally sourced from birch

Allergen Information