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Locako Keto Collagen Snack Bar Chocolate Caramel 15x40g

by Locako
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Delicious, low-carb snack bar perfect for the ketogenic lifestyle. Clean and nutritious ingredients packed with pasture-raised collagen (4g per bar), healthy protein, coconut MCTs, prebiotics and live bio-cultures.


Nutritious low-carb snack bar perfect for on the go.


Peanuts (18%), Almonds, Pasture Raised Bovine Collagen, Peanut Butter (100% Peanuts), Chicory Root Fibre, Tahini (100% Sesame Seeds), Cacao Powder, Cacao Mass, Organic Pea Protein, Coconut Oil, Coconut, Natural Caramel Flavour, Himalayan Salt, Erythritol 1.5%, Stevia, Bacillus Coagulans.

Allergen Information


Sweeteners and Additives

Erythritol, stevia.