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TAPP WATER PitcherPro Refills Cartridges x2

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2 PitcherPro Refill Cartridges lasting 3 months each (400-600 L) High-quality 3-stage organic carbon fibre and alkaline micro filtering technology. Filters chlorine, microplastics, pesticides, herbicides, pharmaceuticals, limescale, nitrates and 80+ contaminants. Make sure to change refills on time.


It is recommended to replace the cartridge every three months to ensure maximum filter efficacy. This is because:
The replacement cartridge is made of carbon, an organic material that can become a breeding ground for micro-organisms that, with time, can cause bacteria to proliferate. These bacteria build up behind the filter and contaminate the water.
What’s more, depending on how hard your local water is, the gradual build-up of limescale in the filter can restrict water flow.
Recommended water temperature is between 5 and 38 °C.


Carbon fibre, BPA-free plastic, silicone 

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