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&Sisters Pads With Wings Light 10's

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Naturally soft, breathable & hypoallergenic, &SISTERS pads are made from 100% sustainable sourced organic cotton with zero plastic & zero bleach. Recommended by gynaecologists, &SISTERS chemical-free pads prevent thrush, dryness &/or sensitivity. Uniquely woven with Rib-Weave design for protection.


Remove pad from cornstarch wrapper, peel off backing strip, and use adhesive underside to attach to internal tongue of underwear.


Made with 100% certified organic cotton. Each very light pad contains 78% certified organic cotton (the absorbent cotton core and top sheet ) & 22% biodegradable biopolymer derived from cornstarch (the waterproof back sheet).

Bio-Wrapper: Biodegradable film wrapper made from cornstarch. Box: Recyclable card.

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