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Wilton Eco Laundry Capsules Non-Bio Patchouli 22x20g

by Wilton
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Eco laundry capsules put mother nature to the test. Wilton have ditched the nasty chemicals found in most liquid laundry capsules and swapped them with naturally derived plant-powder alternatives. But when it comes to dealing with dirt, these capsules still pack a punch, even at lower temperatures.


Step 1
Tear off tab at the back

Step 2
Flip box over

Step 3
Pull down on "pull here" to slide out capsule drawer

Step 4
Remove perforated tab to reveal your capsules

Directions: Follow dosage guidelines. Handle with dry hands. Pop capsules at the back of empty machine drum before adding laundry. Don't over fill machine. Always read garment labels. Great for woolly or silky items. Not suitable for hand washing.

Pop to the back of empty drum before adding laundry
4-5kg: Medium/soft water: Dirty: One capsule
>6kg: Hard water: Very Dirty: Two capsules


15-<30% oxygen-based bleaching agents, 5-<15% Non-ionic surfactants, Perfume [Includes: Pogostemon cablin oil (Patchouli), Juniperus mexicana oil (Cedarwood), Anise oil (Star Anise)], Zeolite, Coumarin*

*Occurs naturally in essential oils

Allergen Information