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Is Hay Fever Affecting Your  Sleep?

Is Hay Fever Affecting Your Sleep?

Is Hay Fever Affecting Your  Sleep?

Sunny, warm spring days and high pollen counts can make a good night’s sleep sometimes impossible if you suffer from hay fever and have the dreaded symptoms of itchy eyes, a runny nose, and general irritability.

For many sufferers, hay fever symptoms can in fact worsen before bedtime and start affecting sleep. 😩

So, how can your customers get a better night’s sleep with hay fever?

Try to create a ‘Pollen-Free’ environment in your bedroom!

✔️ Take a shower before bed to wash off any pollen particles.
✔️ Keep their ‘pollen contaminated’ clothes outside the bedroom.
✔️ Change their bedding regularly.
✔️ Keep windows closed (use a fan and\or air purifier if possible).
✔️ Apply HayMax allergen barrier balm to their nostrils and around the bones of the eyes before they turn off the bedroom light and go to sleep. This alleviates ‘stuffy nose’ congestion first thing in the morning.

Our mission at HayMax™ is simple! We want to help hay fever sufferers combat symptoms and have an irritation-free lifestyle!

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