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Jan De Vries Emergency Essence 15ml

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Grape alcohol with infusions of sweet chestnut, bluebell, orange hawkweed, yarrow and red chestnut, with star of Bethlehem, impatiens, cherry plum, clematis and rock rose. This combination of flower essences is useful in any crisis situation.


Adults: five drops directly on the tongue, or in a little water. Repeat every 10 minutes if necessary. Maintenance: five drops in a little water three times daily for up to one week.
Children (2-7 years): three drops in a little water three times daily.
Children (7-14 years): four drops in a little water three times daily.


Grape alcohol ( approx 27% ABV), infusions of Sweet Chestnut, Bluebell, Orange Hawkweed, Yarrow and red Chestnut, with Star of Bethlehem, Impatiens, Cherry Plum, Clematis and Rock Rose

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