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Food And You Leaflet (Pack of 25)

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Alliance for Natural Health’s ‘Food And You’ leaflet has been specifically designed to help with making better food choices. You may not be able to take a nutritional professional with you to the supermarket, but you can take this handy fold-out guide.


This ‘Food And You’ handy pull-out shopping guide is part of ANH's Tools for Practitioners’ Toolkit series, it has been specifically designed as a client handout.

This is an attractive, simple, practical and information-rich resource that will act as a daily reminder of what a healthy plate looks like.

By purchasing these leaflets you are supporting the ongoing mission and work of Alliance for Natural Health International, for which we thank you.


It clearly illustrates Alliance for Natural Health’s adult and children’s Food4Health Guidelines, as well as giving clear justification for the health benefits of ‘eating a rainbow’ every day - including a list of vegetables and fruits that make up nature’s 6-colour palette 

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