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Lifeforce Organics Activated Smooth Almond Nut Butter 220g x 6 CASE

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Single-origin organic almonds are sustainably sourced to craft this Raw Activated Almond Butter - a silky smooth, stone-ground delicacy for health-conscious epicures. Elevate both savoury and sweet dishes with this nutty spread - from smoothies, granola, and toast to more complex recipes.


1. Opening the Glass Jar:
Twist off the lid of the glass jar to access the nut butter easily.

2. Natural Oil Separation:
Embrace the natural goodness of this nut butter; if oil separation occurs, stir gently for a consistent texture. Alternatively, consider pouring off the oil for other culinary uses or even as a beneficial organic, cold-pressed oil for your hands.

3. Organic Variation Note:
Due to the organic nature of this product, please be aware that quality, taste, and aroma may differ from batch to batch, showcasing the authentic and unique characteristics of each jar.

4. Recommended Daily Intake:
Savour responsibly by adhering to the recommended daily intake for a balanced and wholesome nut butter addition to your diet.

Enjoy the rich, organic taste of this nut butter!


100% Organic Activated Almonds.

Allergen Information