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Mooncup Menstrual Cup Cleaning Pot x 1

by Mooncup
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Mooncup® Cleaning Pot. Clean your Mooncup® wherever you are. No more boiling your cup at home. Use 3 ways: Shake & Go, Microwave or Sterilise. Fits Mooncup® Original & Mooncup® Beginner.


Use 3 ways.

1. Shake & Go. Fill the pot halfway with water. Place Mooncup® inside downwards and shake gently. Dry your pot after use.

2. Microwave. Add 50ml of water and place the Mooncup® rim down. Place the lid loosely on top but do not fit the lid on securely. Microwave for 3 minutes then allow to stand for 10 minutes. Remove using oven gloves. Allow to cool fully. Dry your pot after use.

3. Sterilise. Wash your Mooncup® with unperfumed soap & water. Fill cleaning pot with sterilising fluid and leave to soak following the steriliser’s usage guide. Rinse Mooncup® and pot with water. Dry your pot after use.


100% Medical grade silicone

Please note, as these are such intimate items we're unable to offer size swaps or returns.

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