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SUPER Tampons 14's

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14 x GOTS Certified 100% ORGANIC COTTON TAMPONS Free of toxic materials, pesticides or fertilizers. 100% biodegradable EASY TO USE CARDBOARD APPLICATOR LEAK - FREE PROTECTION HYPOALLERGENIC, NO BLEACH, NO DIOXIN, RAYON OR FRAGRANCE. SIZE - Super (Medium- Heavy Flow 9-12 ml)


In the case of night time use, insert a fresh tampon before going to sleep and replace the tampon first thing in the morning. Regardless of when used, day or night, remember to change the tampon every four to eight hours or more often if needed.
Use the lowest absorbency for the flow as it changes throughout the period.
Alternate between tampons and towels/pads, liners from time to time during your period.
Wash your hands before and after inserting a tampon.


Organic cotton core, organic cotton veil, organic cotton thread, cardboard

Allergen Information