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Flor Essence
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Flor Essence Herbal Detox is a naturally powerful detox with an invaluable source of antioxidants and phytonutrients. The liver and kidneys help to detoxify the body from unwanted toxins, poisons and harmful waste, however due to the excessive stresses of our modern lives, these organs often need assistance. Flor-Essence is a traditional formula of eight herbs, which work synergistically to cleanse and strengthen the whole body whilst you sleep. Experience the Unique Synergistic Effect for yourself!




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Flor Essence Liquid
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What are Essiac and Flor Essence?

Essiac and Flor Essence are herbal tea mixtures that have been used as anticancer treatments. They have been used to treat other health conditions also, including diabetes, AIDS, and gastrointestinal diseases.

Essiac is reported to contain 4 herbs:

Burdock root. Indian rhubarb root. Sheep sorrel. Slippery elm (the inner bark).

Flor Essence is reported to contain the same 4 herbs found in Essiac plus these 4 other herbs:

Watercress. Blessed thistle. Red clover. Kelp.

Different batches of these mixtures may contain different ingredients or amounts and the effects may not always be the same.

Essiac and Flor Essence are sold worldwide as health tonics or herbal dietary supplements. One company sells Flor Essence and several companies make and sell mixtures called Essiac. This summary refers to the trademarked (brand name) mixtures only.