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  • FSC ENADA (NADH) 5mg Tablets 30
FSC ENADA (NADH) 5mg Tablets 30
Barcode: 5010249011878
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Enada or NADH is the active co-enzyme form of vitamin B3 and is naturally present in all living cells.It is necessary for thousands of biochemical reactions within the body.It is a powerfull antioxidant and plays a key role in energy production,particularly in the brain and central nervous system.

NADH appears to work very effectively for the fatigue and mental dysfunction aspects of chronic fatigue,enabling some people to have more energy and perhaps even return to work.There are several possible mechanisms for this.Firstly,it is thought that the more NADH a cell has available,the more energy it is able to produce.Secondly,it stimulates the cellular production of the neurotransmitters Dopamine,Noradrenaline and Seratonin and it is thought that improvements in mental clarity,alertness and concentration could be achieved via this mechanism.Thirdly,NADH is directly involved in the body's cellular immune defence system and it is thought that the more NADH present in your body,the greater the potential for better cell regulation and genetic material repair.