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  • Grapefruit Pectin Fibre Capsules : 120 capsules
Grapefruit Pectin Fibre Capsules : 120 capsules
Barcode: 5013007016658
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These capsules contain a readily available source of the citrus pectin fibre. This kind of fibre helps to reduce cholesterol levels by absorbing animal fats and cholesterol in the gut, therefore reducing the level that enters the blood stream from your diet. It can be used in addition to statins. Unlike grapefruit juice it DOES NOT interact with statin drugs.

This advice is not a replacement for medical supervsion, and you should visit your Doctor if you are at all concerned about high cholesterol and heart disease.

Other ways to reduce cholesterol in the blood:

  • reduce the consumption of animal fats in your diet (land living mammals). This includes meat, milk , eggs and cheese.

Ways to reduce your risk of heart disease:

  • Reduce animal fats .
  • Increase consumption of oily fish (rich in Omega three fats)
  • Eat five to nine portions of fresh fruit and vegatbles a day.
  • Exercise for three 45 minute periods a week
  • Reduce your intake of alcohol or stop drinking alcohol.
  • Stop smoking
  • get tested for diabetes and make sure you keep your blood sugars healthy
  • Have your blood pressure tested and monitored, if it is high keep it with the healthy limits, by speaking to a helath care professional.

Advice given by Marc Borson MRPharmS