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HayMax Pure 3 for 2 Triple Pack
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HayMax Pure 3 for 2 Triple Pack


A truly great 100% natural product that is the safest way to prevent the sneezing associated with hay fever. No nasal sprays or tablets that make you drowsy. Just rub some HayMax on the underside of your nose and it catches the pollen before it causes irritation.

It uses the same principle as honey bees where the bees wax lines the nostril hairs like it does the hairs on a bees back. Bees use this natural mechanism to take pollen from flowers, HayMax uses it to catch pollen before it goes up your nose. Genius! We have tried this with several members of our staff and had 100% success. A must try!

Use it with moducare the only clinically proven food supplement proven to reduce nasal symptoms caused by allergies such as hayfever. Moducare can be used to reduce the body's over active immune system normalising its function. Moducare is simply a food ingredient called plant sterols and sterolins, normally found in all fruit and vegatables. Due to our low intake of fruit and vegatables and our high in take of dietary animal fats we naturally have low levels of plant sterols in our diet, by taking moducare you can guarantee normal levels of plant sterols, which will go on to actually normalise the function of the immune system. Moducare neither boosts or suppresses the immune system it simply allows the immune system to function normally. Moducare is not a herb, is not a probiotic and is not a drug.

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