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Health Aid EyeVit 30 Tablets
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It is well known that the eyes, like every other organ in the body, need proper nourishment.  EyeVit Tablets by HealthAid are specially formulated to safeguard the intake of important nutrients which help maintain and care for the eyes.


Who Are  EyeVit Tablets For?

EyeVit Tablets may be of benefit to:

  • Those who wish to help keep the eyes looking bright and sparkling clean.
  • People with blood shot eyes as it helps keep the eyes moist so that they do not dry up.
  • Those who wish to prevent dark circles and bags under the eyes due to lack of sleep and the stress and strains of every day of life.
  • Those who wish to enhance the integrity of the skin around the eyes, helping to reduce crows feet and wrinkles
  • Those who need to ensure proper nourishment to the eyes
  • Those who have been repeatedly exposed to smoke and sunlight


When Should I Take EyeVit Tablets?

EyeVit Tablets are recommended for all those who wish to help maintain the health of their eyes. It is ideal for contact lens wearers, or those working long hours at a computer screen.