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Ice Bandage (arktos) : 1 bandage
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Information about Arktos Ice Bandage:

What is Ice Bandage?

Use to cool and help cure injuries; reduces swelling & relieves pain

Use on muscle strains, sprains, bruises, swellings, contusions

Where the bandage is applied, the temperature can drop between 7 -10?C

No Need for refrigeration

Reaches a constant, ideal cooling temperature within a few minutes

Can go in a sports bag or first-aid kit

Small and ready to use in an emergency

The 3 metre bandage is ideal for treating ankles, wrists, elbows, hand and heads

Stays cool for 2hrs, much longer than ice packs, gels & sprays

Pain relief without drugs & with no banned substances

Clinically proven that ice speeds up the the healing process for sprains, strains, shin splints and other minor injuries. (

Arktos Ice Bandage Other Information:

How Ice Bandage works
Cooling ? The Ice Bandage cooling effect results in a narrowing of blood vessels (Vasoconstriction), restricting blood flow through the specific area and reducing swelling and bleeding. The effect also cools and stabilises collagen, the protein that forms joints in the body.

Compression ? A constant and equal pressure is applied to the injury. The result is that blood is prevented from gathering and the effect is that the swelling is decreased. Immediate compression helps to bring the injury swelling down and the cooling relief, speeds up the healing process.

Ideal for:

Muscle strains
How to apply Ice Bandage:

Open package and remove bandage
Wrap bandage tightly around the injury/inflammation
Wrap from top to bottom, tuck in end of bandage
After a few minutes the cooling effect will begin
Cooling effect lasts up to 2 hours