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Lamberts Acidophilus Extra 4 30 Capsules
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The Gastrointestinal tract of the normal, healthy individual plays host to a large and varied population of micro-organisms.

In healthy individuals, this microbial population is delicately balanced and it is only when this balance is maintained that the Gastrointestinal tract functions most effectively so, to a large extent, the individual is dependent on this microbial flora.

The quality of the body's intestinal flora is determined by the balance between the various microbial species, especailly that between the two predominant groups: the beneficial bacteria and the putrefactive bacteria.

Live supplements can help to support the many good and beneficial Bacteria that are an integral part of the Intestinal Tract. This formula contains live L. Acidophilus and B. bifidum which are species regarded as being beneficial.

Keep away from children