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Lamberts Aloe Vera 90 Tablets
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Aloe vera is the most widely known and used of over 300 aloe species, most of which are native to South Africa but centuries ago became widely distributed via the major trade routes.

Today, aloe vera is a popular houseplant and the plant may be used in its simplest form by applying the gel topically. The gel is obtained by simply breaking the thick triangular leaves near their base and squeezing the fresh gel directly onto dry skin, abrasions or burns. The gel spoils quickly but can be made into an ointment, which can then be kept for longer-term use.

The juice comes from specialised cells beneath the thick outer skin of the leaves and contains a proportion of gel. Of the many historical uses for drinking aloe vera juice, the herb is best known for its effect in helping to maintain a healthy digestive system. However, the juice has a bitter taste and therefore a more convenient way to take the herb is in the form of capsules. Lamberts Aloe Vera capsules contain 50mg of concentrate equivalent to 10,000mg of fresh aloe vera juice, making this one of the strongest aloe vera supplements available.