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Lamberts Choline 200mg / Inositol 200mg 60 Capsules
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Easy to absorb forms in a fast release capsule

These are two important nutrients associated with the B vitamins, and which play a role in fat metabolism. The richest source of choline in our diets comes from a compound called lecithin which is found in foods such as eggs and soya. Apart from its involvement in fat metabolism, choline is also needed for the efficient transmission of nerve impulses and the nervous system. Choline can also be made by the body and typically found associated with the B vitamins in food.

Inositol is made by the body and so is not a vitamin but it is also found associated with the B-complex vitamins. Like choline, inositol is found in high concentrations in lecithin and it is involved in the metabolism of cholesterol and fats in the liver.


  • Convenient way to take these two nutrients.
  • Easy to absorb forms in a fast release capsule.
  • Made in the UK.
  • Produced in premises that operate to stringent pharmaceutical standards of GMP.


Suitable for Vegetarians.