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Lamberts Multi-Max Advance 60 Tablets
Barcode: 5055148402709
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The UK’s most comprehensive one-a-day multi for the over 50’s

This is one of the most comprehensive one-a-day multis available in the UK. All of the most important micro-nutrients are included at levels that are highly relevant including selenium and chromium, two important minerals that are often under represented in multis. Also presented in the formula are relevant levels of Vitamin K and Vitamin D to reflect the current thinking on bone health. Vitamin D is included at the level that is now being recommended for anyone who has little exposure to sunlight. Potent levels of folic acid and Vitamin B12 have both been included since they are thought to be important for maintaining heart health through their role in controlling homocysteine levels in the blood.

This product also includes green tea, one of the best antioxidants known, at a level equivalent to one fresh cup of green tea, and lutein, which is known to be important for eye health, has been added at a full 2mg per tablet. A high strength turmeric extract is included, at a level equivalent to a teaspoon of culinary turmeric per tablet, following recent published data on this fascinating spice.

A similar formula, in terms of micro nutrient potencies, is our Multi-Guard® Osteo Advance, but this is a three a day formula that included high levels of calcium and magnesium.