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Moducare Vegetarian Hypo Allergenic 90 Capsules
Barcode: 6009603360195
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Moducare™ Plant Sterols & Sterolins


The human body contains a miraculous healing machine called the immune system. Made up of microscopic cells it identifies, remembers, attacks and destroys disease-causing invaders and abnormal or infected cells. The immune system is the key to defending you from parasites, bacteria, and toxins. It also plays a significant role in helping prevent or allaying the effects of degenerative disease, allergies, arthritis, asthma and so much more.


A week immune system can hinder your body’s ability to guard against disease and toxins. An overactive immune system can equally affect your ability to maintain good health.


The proprietary formulation of sterols and sterolins in Moducare™ has been shown in scientific research to play an important role in supporting the immune system of those individuals who leady a busy, modern lifestyle.