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Nasanita Nose Butterfly Dilator OUT OF STOCK
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The Nasanita Nose Butterfly is an internal nose dilator. It is inserted in the nasal atrium. The flexible silicon wings optimally adjust to the shape of your nose, expand the nasal valves and specifically stabilise the nasal wings from inside. Thus substantially improving nasal breathing. Your Nasanita Nose Butterfly consists of high-purity, highly compatible materials. Irritations or sensitisations are not expected even if used over a longer period of time. Although Nasanita is extremely durable and long-lasting we recommeend replacing the Nose Butterfly regularly for reasons of hygeine. With frequent use we suggest a maximum life of 6 months.


The Nasanita Nose Butterfly can be used in conjuction with emcur products. It comes with a safe and hygienic storage box.