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New Nordic
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Who are New Nordic?


The history of New Nordic dates back to the beginning of the 90's in Copenhagen, Denmark, Two friends, who shared a passion for healthy living. quit their job with a vision of creating our company using a new technique to extract a natural-source antacid found in the fruit fibres of citrus fruits.

The product gives relief from heartburn and acid reflux without disturbing natural acid levels in the stomach. The product positioned our company on the right path. Since then we have continued actively along this path, seeing the development of numerous vitamins, minerals, herbal and other food supplements that help to promote vitality and well-being and fight age-related degeneration.

The name was chosen to express that the company is innovative, dynamic and vital and that we are doing business following the Nordic way of thinking. New Nordic means Scandinavia – in the sense of being direct, honest and fair.

Our "Silvertree" logo is inspired by the "Yggdrasil World Tree", found in the Nordic mythology. New Nordic is a team of people with a genuine passion for healthy living. To us the "Silvertree" represents, "naturalness", "vitality" and "growth".
The "Silvertree" is our promise. Our "Silvertree" logo is the stamp of quality, safety and effect trusted by millions of customers worldwide.

All over the world, more and more people are beginning to realise that natural health products can help to prolong vitality and generally improve the quality of life. At New Nordic we strive to develop well-composed food supplements that can contribute to the "Path of Vitality" – a long, healthy and active life.

Our customers are people who realise that vitality goes beyond the absence of illness. It is a sence of harmony and contentment arising from inner equilibrium and balance that take the enjoyment of life to a new level.

New ideas means less competion. Thanks to innovative products, New Nordic creates new markets. As part of our innovative process we are constantly exploring new ingredients and finding new ways of using existing ones.

We are commited to uncompromising quality in every product we deliver and we are concerned with the quality from field and forest to the package in the shop. Under our "From Seed to Heart" programme, we plant our own herbs and control every step from cultivation in the field to delivery of the finished product at the pharmacy.

We are working only on the basis of proven scientific evidence. Our focus on research and development has brought remarkable results, positioning New Nordic as a leading innovator in the natural food supplement industry. One could say that bringing vitality to people all over the world has in turn brought vitality to our market and our company!

Strategies are global but selling is local. We want to be close to our customers and serve them the New Nordic way. Therefore, we have build our own operation in more than 20 countries from Canada in the west to China in the east.
We are becoming a truly international company.

We believe in long-term commitments. We are dedicated to establish New Nordic as a significant supplier to the health and beauty market. A player that respects the well-being of employees, customers, and business partners and a company that take the social and environmental implications of its activities very seriously.

Joy means maintaining the vitality year after year. We hope that we can inspire people all over the world to live healthy and enjoy life. Let New Nordic show you the way.


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