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Nutri caricol 20ml stickpacks
Barcode: 033984005846
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Caricol is a papaya fruit puree product, which comes in 20ml stick pack tubes. Each box contains 20 stick packs. Caricol is used to support the gastrointestinal tract and can help people with a slow transit time.

How does it work?

Papaya is rich in a unique enzyme called papain. Papain is an important protein-digesting enzyme, which supports digestion and bowel movement. It also has many other important healing properties

Who should use caricol?

People who have general digestive symptoms such as bloating and wind. Caricol is also useful for those with a slow transit time.

How is it used

1 stick pack serving after a meal, up to 3 times daily. Can be taken at other times of the day. It is recommended to take Caricol® with a glass of water on the side, or dissolved in water as a fruit beverage. You can mix it into a smoothie, yoghurt or fruit juice.

When is the best time take Caricol?

Just aftermeals

Can be used in pregagncy and breastfeeding, will interefere with any medicine and contains no allergens.