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The Really Healthy Company BioBran Plus Vitamin D3 90's

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Biobran Plus D3 is a food supplement containing arabinoxylan compound plus brewer's yeast and vitamin D3. Manufactured using a patented process to break down rice bran using enzymes from shitake mushrooms, it contains polysaccharides, proteoglycans (such as arabinoxylan) and other hemicelluloses.


As a daily food supplement, take six tablets of Biobran Plus D3 once per day after a meal.
If an extra nutritional boost is required, take six tablets of Biobran Plus D3 three times daily after meals.


Heat treated inactive Brewer's Yeast, Arabinoxylan compound, Dextrin (stabiliser), Microcrystalline Cellulose (bulking agent), Sucrose Fatty Acids Ester (emulsifier), Cocoa Powder (colour), Shellac (coating), Vitamin D3

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Sweeteners and Additives

Dextrin, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Sucrose Fatty Acids Ester, Cocoa Powder, Shellac