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Organic Traditions Dark Chia Seeds 200g

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A gluten-free superseed, chia seeds are a source of calcium and iron, a high source of fibre and provide 3g of Omega-3 fatty acids per one heaped tablespoon. Organic Traditions Chia Seeds provide a fast and simple way to enhance your daily diet with an extra boost of superfood dense nutrition.


Up to five tablespoons of chia per day may be consumed.
Make sure to drink adequate amounts of water.

Add one to two tablespoons of chia to smoothies, desserts, yoghurt, cereal, berries, on top of salads and all savoury dishes.
Use to make puddings, sauces and dressings.
Chia remains stable even when incorporated into soups, oats or baked goods.
Use as a substitute for flour, or as a natural thickening agent.

Vegetarians can also use it as an egg replacement by creating a gel. To do so, simply combine two tablespoons of chia to one cup of cold water. A half cup of gel replaces roughly one egg.


Organic Chia Seeds (100%)

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