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EPS Phenolic 30ml

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From the range of Phenolic desensitiser blends. The Desensitiser blends are designed to desensitise the body against reactions to everyday environmental attacks.


3 to 10 drops, 4 to 5 times per day – at the Practitioner’s discretion.
Treatment is normally maintained for three months (one bottle per month).
It is not unusual for children to respond within a much shorter period.
Dosage for children – 1 to 5 drops according to size and vitality.


6x Acetaldehyde, Acetylcholine Chloride, Chlorogenic Acid, Coniferyl Alcohol, Gallic Acid, Menadione, Quercetin, Rutin, Serotonin, Belladonna, Montemerillonite, 3xBrigham Tea, Bugledock, Bugleweed, Red Clover, Ethyl Alcohol 20%

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