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KiB®PRE is 69%+ dietary fibre. Prebiotic powder blend, without processing aids and additives. GMO-free, vegan suitable. Fibres hold an important role in gastrointestinal health but only 14g out of minimum 25g/day per person is consumed in UK. Resistant Starch 2 + β-glucan + Inulin.


1. Mix with cold/lukewarm water, lemonade, juice, fruit smoothie, yoghurt. Drink right away, as it readily thickens.

2. Sprinkle over cold/lukewarm meal. It shouldn’t affect flavour of your dish.


Peeled whole green banana (resistant starch 2), Inulin (chicory root fibre), Beta Glucan (oat fibre)
Contains oats and wheat

Allergen Information