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G&G Vitamins Meno Pack 28 Day Supply

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The Meno Pack is designed specifically to supplement a woman's diet during the menopause. We've found every supplement that may help during menopause. We've packaged these health supplements in one 28 day pack to ease the daily process of supplement intake.


Take one sachet per day or as directed by a health care practitioner.


MenoTime x 2 (GA507), Vitamin E 400iu s/g x 1 (GA076), Mineral Multi x 1 (GA717), Vitamin C 500mg x 1 (GA053), CoQ10 x1 (GA044), Omega 3 Fish Oil x 2 (GA303), Organic Kelp x 1 (GA177), Cal_M capsules 250mg x 1 (GA701).

Please refer to all products individually for ingredients.
Contains fish and soybeans.

Allergen Information