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Super 5 Grass Juice Blend 150g

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Made from the young, nutrient-dense grasses of alfalfa, barley, kamut, oat and wheat in their vegetable state. Certified organic grasses sustainably grown outdoors in mineral rich ancient soil beds in sunlight, providing a vibrancy you can taste and feel. Optimal nutrients maintained throughout.


Mix up to 1 tablespoon (1-3 teaspoons) of the Super 5 Grass Juice Blend into 8 - 16 oz of water, coconut water, juices or smoothies.
If you are new to grass juice powder, begin with 1 teaspoon daily and slowly increase, as you wish, to 3 teaspoons per day either in divided doses or at one time.
Make pesto, raw vegetable soups, salad dressings, dips and more.


Juice Powder Blend of Organic Grasses: (Alfalfa (20%), Barley (20%), Khorasan Wheat (20%), Oat (20%) and Wheat Grass (20%)

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