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Conella WayBack Purified High-Spin Water 250ml

by Conella
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Water is known to contribute to normal physical and cognitive functions and the normal regulation of the body’s temperature. WayBack water is simply pure, clean and refreshing, without any calories, additives or after taste. It is perfect for low sodium diets or any other distilled water uses.


Introductory intakes: Pour 5 ml (approximately one teaspoonful) of the WayBack high-spin water into approximately 1 litre of ideally filtered water. In weeks 1 & 2 we recommend you consume 60ml of the blend twice daily, in weeks 3 & 4 - 120ml twice daily, weeks 5 & 6 180ml twice daily, weeks 7 & 8 240ml twice daily, weeks 8 to 12 360ml twice daily. Once the introduction is complete, we recommend for daily maintenance a consumption of 360ml to 480ml daily. At maintenance intake levels approximately 140 to 186 days’ supply. We do not suggest you exceed these recommendations unless otherwise directed by a practitioner.

These intakes should be consumed at normal room temperature. We suggest you consume the mixture first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach.


High-spin water

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