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Rio Trading Yerba Mate teabags (90)
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  • Overview
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Helps you to maintain a healthy body weight.
Has stimulating and tonic properties that contribute to resistance against mental and physical.
Contains a broad range of nutrients.
Contains antioxidant polyphenols.

Yerba Maté is a South American tree that is cultivated to produce a green leaf tea. It contains vitamins and minerals, including magnesium, vitamin C, and B-complex vitamins. Maté also provides fifteen amino acids, plant sterols and saponins. It is a very good source of antioxidants called polyphenols - and contains more of them than Green tea.

Yerba Maté contains naturally occuring caffeine (between 0.7-2%) but because the caffeine is part of a complex called Mateine it is noticeably different in its benefits to tea or coffee.

Yerba Maté is especially valuable as a tonic for those with busy lifestyles. It provides nutrients, it has stimulating and tonic properties that contribute to the resistance against mental and physical fatigue. Yerba Maté capsules can be used as an nutrious supplement - or, like Green tea capsules, can be used to contribute to the maintenance of a healthy body weight.