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Scholl Flight Socks Sheer for Women : shoe size 4-6 (34-38)
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Using compression hosiery such as Scholl Flight Socks and Scholl Flight Socks Sheer reduces the risks associated with long haul flights by aiding the movement of blood in the veins.


Providing the extra support leg veins need, they effectively relieve that tired and achy feeling you can get, plus they can stop you getting swollen ankles meaning you arrive at your destination refreshed and ready.


Many studies have taken and continue to take place on the subject of flight-related deep vein thrombosis and associated complications.


One such scientific study (the LONFLIT 4 study) used Scholl Flight Socks as part of the research. Here's what happened:


It was carried out using more than 600 passengers on long haul flights from London, to New York and Phoenix ( Arizona). Half of the passengers took no preventative measures against DVT and the other half wore Scholl Flight Socks providing a compression level of 14-17mmHg at the ankle.


The study focused only on people classed as low-to-medium risk of DVT and found that more than 4% of those not wearing Flight Socks suffered from some form of thrombosis during the flight to Phoenix and more than 3% flying to New York.


The incidence of thrombosis among those wearing Scholl Flight Socks was zero.

The study also found clear evidence that wearing Scholl Flight Socks prevented swollen legs and ankles which may be a cause of DVT through veins being compressed (according to unpublished data from Belcaro). The researchers found that wearing Scholl Flight Socks reduced the likelihood of passengers suffering from swollen legs by a maximum of 300%. The researchers found that the level of oedema (swelling) in passengers' legs wearing Scholl Flight Socks was approximately three times lower than in those passengers who did not take any preventative measures.


The distinguished international scientific group that carried out the study concluded that taking precautions against DVT were highly advisable and that wearing Scholl Flight Socks was the "easiest and least problematic" precaution to take without any side effects.

The scientific group was led by Professor Gianni Belcaro of the Department of Biological Sciences at G. D'Annunzio University, Pescara, Italy and included researchers from ImperialCollege, London, and EpworthHospital in Melbourne, Australia.


You should wear your Scholl Flight Socks or Scholl Flight Socks Sheer throughout your journey, and not, necessarily only on your flight; you may have long distances to travel on one or both sides of your flight and should also wear them then.

Wear them in place of socks or hosiery and always ensure that they are pulled up to just below the knee. Try and make sure they are free of wrinkles and do not roll them down.