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The Perrin Technique How to beat Chronic Fatigue and ME : Book
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The Perrin Technique? was developed following a discovery in 1989 during the clinical practice of Manchester osteopath Dr Raymond Perrin. This osteopathic system of manual treatment alleviates many of the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) known in the UK as CFS/ME. The effectiveness of this manual approach was tested using two separate clinical trials. The first examined the change in the symptoms following a year of treatment. The second repeated the first study and examined the possible mechanisms of the improvement.

Dr Perrin?s book: ?The Perrin Technique? published by Hammersmith Press, is now available in bookshops. RRP ?14.99. This is a must-buy for all sufferers and any practitioner interested in finding out more about the technique.

Raymond Perrin?s research at the University of Salford in conjunction with the University of Manchester has provided strong evidence that an important component of CFS/ME involves a disturbance of lymphatic drainage of the brain and muscles. The novel osteopathic treatment developed by Raymond Perrin has been statistically validated in both clinical trials, emphasising the need to focus future research on the biomechanical aspects of this disorder. Raymond has expanded our knowledge of CFS/ME, which led to a doctorate awarded by the University of Salford.