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VSL 3 Probiotics
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Your digestive system is an incredibly complex place – a giant biochemistry set that breaks down everything you eat and drink. It never stops or goes to sleep.

To help, all sorts of naturally occurring bacteria live in the lower intestine. This symbiotic eco-system is delicate and fragile – susceptible to what you eat and even stress. When an imbalance happens, your gut becomes upset and suddenly a long journey, family gathering or business meeting can become a stressful experience.

VSL#3 is a probiotic food supplement. Crammed into every sachet are 450 billion live bifido and lactic acid bacteria combined in unique combination of eight strains. If that sounds like a lot, it is – because you need a lot to make sure enough arrive in your lower intestine. VSL#3 has the highest concentration of bacteria on the market. Together, as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle, VSL#3 can help support a balanced gut flora.


VSL#3 (VSL 3 or VSL3) is unlike any other product of its kind:

VSL#3 contains 450 Billion Bacteria in each sachet

The beneficial bacteria in VSL#3 are specially freeze dried to maintain their viability. The human gut has thousands of billions of resident bacteria. In order to modulate the composition of this gut flora in a positive way, a massive number of probiotic bacteria are necessary.

The most commonly used probiotics in the UK only contain up to 10 billion healthy bacteria in each carton. VSL#3 has the highest available concentration of beneficial bacteria with 450 billion live bacteria in each VSL#3 sachet.

Strains of Bacteria in VSL#3

Scientific evidence has proven that not all strains of probiotic bacteria are the same. Most commonly used probiotics only contain a single bacterium strain. VSL#3 has eight strains of bacteria in specific concentrations that have been scientifically chosen to work together to provide their beneficial effect on gut flora.

Predictable Live Bacteria

VSL#3 should be stored chilled to ensure that the beneficial bacteria remain alive and viable. VSL#3 should be stored in the refrigerator.

Probiotic Food Supplement Status

VSL#3 is classed as a probiotic food supplement.

VSL#3 Probiotic food supplements are specialised preparations that can be used in the maintance of a healthy gut.

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