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Bio-Glucosamine Super 675mg 50 Capsules
Barcode: 5709976461055
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Pharma Nord Bio-Glucosamine 675mg is a naturally occurring sugar-related nutrient which is important in normal joint function. It is produced within the body but the capacity to manufacture sufficient levels declines with age. Supplemrnts are the best if not only sources of Glucosamine as there are no obtainable food sources.

Pharma Nord Bio-Glucosamine is necessary for the maintenance and repair of connective tissue (ligaments, tendons) and joints. Damage to these components typically results in back pain, osteo-(wear and tear) arthritis and fheumanoid-(inflammatory) arthritis. Pharma Nord Bio-Glucosamine stimulates the formation of normal joint cartilage, and provides an anti-inflammatory effect.

People with damage to joints through ostereo or rheumatoid may benefit from taking Pharma Nord Bio-Glucosamine.

As there are no dietary sources of Pharma Nord Bio-Glucosamine there are no recommended daily Allowance (RDA). The daily intake recommended by Pharma Nord is based on data published in scientific journals focusing on over 20 clinical trials investigating effects of Glucosamine sulphate in those with arthritis.

Pharma Nord recommends 3 tablets twice a day (or 2 tablets three times a day), to be taken with food.
Pharma Nord Bio-Glucosamine is generally well tolerated but may rarely cause gastrointestinal disturbance in susceptible individuals.

Bio-Glucosamine made by Pharma Nord not suitable for those with allergy to shell fish products and for vegetarians.