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Herrens Mark RegoBone Bone Health 1 Litre

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For bone health after menopause. Standardised and patented fermented red clover extract, with a natural content of calcium and magnesium. Red clover is beneficial for the firmness of bones. Natural isoflavones /plant oestrogen in aglycon form. Fermented for increased absorption. Organic - Vegan.


100 ml/day. 50ml in the morning and 50ml in the evening, preferably with a meal.
Attention: Remember to turn the carton upside down and shake it thoroughly before each intake to mix the plant substances.

REGOBONE® is a living product with extract from natural sources. A natural development of CO2 might therefore occur as a result - this is of no concern. Taste and consistency may similarly vary from product to product.


Lactic acid fermented red clover extract (Trifolium pratense L.) from organic farming. Fermented by adding natural lactic acid starter culture.

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